Bugbears are the shock troops of Grendelhaven. Capable infantrymen they are frequently seen on the front lines by both Luthgard and Havat forces. Rarely able to use magic they have been subjected by the Goblins . Few understand why the magics of the world refuse to be used by the Bugbears or Hobgoblins for that matter either. Because of their lack of magic the Goblins easily conquered them and made them into the fighting force they are today.

Game Rules:
Instead of the Oversized Weapons ability instead they get a +1 bonus to fortitude and a +2 bonus on saves against daze effects.

Savage Worlds

Magicless: A bugbear can never take the Arcane Background Edge except for the Weird Science and Super Powers background. Magic has long been dead in their blood.
Vim and Vigor: Bugbears are shocktroops for a reason, they begin with a d8 in vigor due to thei unnaturally strong bodies.
Common Bond: Due their natural use of the phalanx formation they bond with their close friends and gain this edge for free.


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