Desert Elves

Desert Elves are the highest elves in the caste system of Havat. They are famous for their use of fire magic and are widely regarded as the strongest troops that the nation has access to in times of war. They frequently function as officer’s in Havat’s armies leading groups of the other elves. They will often find an enemy officer and challenge them to single combat. This is usually a trap, as their troops will turn and attack during the distraction. They are also frequently sent on diplomatic missions as head negotiator, frequently playing hardball in negotions.


The desert elves are standard PHB elves.

Savage Worlds

Agile: Desert Elves are fast and start with a d6 in Agility
Low-Light Vision: Desert Elves see well at dusk
Racial Enemy: Half Elves are frequently tortured by Desert Elves and thus have a negative penalty when dealing with this race.

Desert Elves

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