The Genasi are the result of a blast of elemetnal energy from the Great Rift opening. These were the humanoids caught in the blast. Due to the their new make up (any of the elements) they have become immortal. Upon their death their consciousness forms into the elements of Asarya and then are returned to the Great Rift where a new body is formed in the whirling chaos.

Savage Worlds

Wind Genasi

Jetstream Boots: Being made up of wind elemental energy the wind genasi can fly.
Air Head: The Wind Genasi have a little bit of a problem keeping things straight and have the clueless hindrance.
Brave: Wind Genasi don’t pay enough attention to know they are truly in danger and as such receive the Brave edge for free.

Earth Genasi

Hewn from the Earth: The Earth Genasi is cut from pure elemental Earth and as such is impossibly hard, they get a +2 bonus to armor.
Stubborn: As the stone of a mountain, getting an Earth Genasi to budge on their ideas is impossible at best.
Lead Feet: An Earth Genasi’s pace is 5 due to the effort required in their movement.
Burrowing: An Earth Genasi can burrow at it’s pace due to their ability to move earth around them naturally.
Loyal: The Earth doesn’t give up its shape and processes without a fight and an earth genasi doesn’t give up on his friends.

Fire Genasi

Hot under the Collar: Fire Genasi have problems with patience and tolerance. They have Vengeful as a major hindrance automatically.
Flaming Weapons: Fire Genasi can channel their body’s fire into their weapons as the smite power with equivalent of five power points.
Quick Strikes: The speed of the Fire Genasi in combat can be terrifying, they have First Strike as a bonus edge.
Heat Resistance: It is almost impossible to hurt a fire genasi with flame, giving them a +4 against any such effects.
Easily Frostbitten: Fire Genasi are easily frozen however if they aren’t careful and take a -4 against cold based effects

Water Genasi
Aquatic: Being made of Water, they are naturally aquatic creatures. They cannot be drowned, they can move at full swimming skill and have a d6 in swimming.
Easily Dehydrated: Water Genasi require water to keep themselves functional. Many have a special armor that contains water, but should the water be lost they need to find more as soon as possible or they will be come fatigued within 24 hours, after another 24 hours without water they will die.
Flowing Water: Holding Water is impossible, so is keeping a water genasi hemmed in alone is impossible. Tehy receive the extraction edge for free.

For elemental mixes work with your DM (IE Smoke, lava, steam, mud)


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