The Goblins are the rulers of Grendelhaven and are experts at tapping into the pure arcane energy of the world around them. This ability to tap into the forces around them, has lead to their creation of the empire. This has been achieved by subjugating the other races in the area. Their current leader is Emperor Granor, who has recently led the breakdown of the nation into nomads to focus on his war with Luthgard.

Game Information
The Goblin follows the rules laid out in the monster manual.

Savage Worlds

Arcane Background (Magic): Goblins are powerful sorcerers, their magic is in their blood.
New Power: This magic is so potent that they start with one more power for free in fact.
Arrogant: Goblins are raised to believe they are gods among men and they act the part. If their is a threat they will crush it. Even if they are five and that threat is a squad of dragons. He’s got this.


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