Half Elves

Half-Elves are the lowest caste in the nation of Havat . They are the captured soldiers of Havat forced to undergo a change of race through the Ritual of Ascendance by the Nycter leaders. The race is used for slave labor with in the nation and cannon fodder on the battlefield. They are called Half Elves as they have most of the features of an elf yet a few remnants of their original race. A Dragonborn Half-Elf for example may have some scales and retain its breath power, while a Tiefling Half Elf will have the horns and still be able to channel its rage against enemies. The Half-Elves who escaped their imprisonment have discovered the secrets of Fleurian brand of Pact Magic in the jungles surrounding Havat . They have shared this information with those trying to find the secrets of the Ritual of Punishment so they can possibly return to their old race.

Savage Worlds
Follow the standard rules of the Savage Worlds rulebook.


All Half Elves are linked with another race. The player may swap the Dilettante power for the racial power of their original race.

Half Elves

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