The country of Havat is a large powersharing nation. Each caste (which is a race) has a duty and by following it they strengthen the nation. The nation has a form of social mobility in the Ritual of Ascendance and Ritual of Punishment which both cause a complete change in race and therefore caste. The highest case is the Nycters , followed by Desert Elves , Eladrins , Drow , Jungle Elves , and Half Elves

They occupy the southwestern continent of Nurthia, with a varied terrain from jungles to mountains, to desert. Each section has a different inhabitant. They are currently allied with portions of the Faelia elemental forces. The alliance is maintained by a trade of gems which are in important powersource to maintain the Great Rift


Nycters Desert Elves Eladrins Drow Jungle Elves Half Elves


Kraten Kos Vos Vreatos Janos Nuthos Geld


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