The Bastard Breeds

These are the races that are the result of various breeding experiments done by Grendelhaven and are used largely as cannon fodder. From these experiments came races such as Kobolds,Orcs, and Minotaurs.

Game Rules
If any of these have stats they are playable using the most recent stats available. (IE: Use the minotaur stats from PHB 3)

Savage Worlds

Hulking: Minotaurs are huge creatures, able to tower over all of their allies and enemies. A minotaur’s hoof encompasses the body weight of your average halfling. The receive a bonus to size.
Mess with the Bull: Minotaurs have a natural horn weapon that deals Strength plus d6 damage.
Bull’s Strength: The Minotaur begins with a d6 in strength.
Overconfident: The average minotaur has only lost a fight to a mage. They will pick a fight believing they will win. No ifs, ans, or butts about it.
NOT MAGIC!: The minotaur however has lost many a fight to a mage as the goblins want them to be in line. The average minotaur is terrified of magic at a minor phobia.

Tunnel Rat: Kobolds were designed as engineers and saboteurs, they mainly like to dig is all thatstuck. Many are taught these skillls but inherently all kobolds may burrow at their pace.
Disease Immunity: Due to the filth the average Kobold is born in, one has never actually gotten sick.
Danger Sense: Kobolds know when the tunnel is at its limit, and when a goblin boss is coming to check on their progress. They get the danger sense edge free.
Yellow: The average Kobold is terrified of his own shadow, a daisy’s shadow, and the sun. As such several Kobold executions were death by heart attack.

Swiftboots: Orcs are tireless runners, always ready to run. This makes them faster than most races giving them a pace of 10.
Deadened Nerves: Ocrs go through many painful rituals as part of Goblin testing on this new race. As such their bodies are scarred enough they ignore the first point of wound penalties they receive as the Nerves of Steel Edge.
Battle in the Blood: An orc is always spoiling for a fight and as such begins with a d6 in fighting.
Illiterate: Orcs were never given a chance to learn to read. Goblins wanted new warriors not smart warriors.
Heroic: The orcs have a need to serve and protect, however this need has been directed since birth as needing to serve and protect the goblins.

The Bastard Breeds

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